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1.         We own and operate our own private pet crematory on-site for our clients.

2.         You are welcome to personally inspect our pet crematory.

3.         Washington State requires no license to operate a pet crematory.  For your peace of mind our staff voluntarily exercises identical and demanding standards required for human cremations with all pet cremation services.

4.         Our CANA certified crematory staff personally performs the entire cremation procedure so we know which ashes are in the urn.

5.         We are alone in providing a stainless steel identification disc for unparalleled tracking and accuracy.  This one-of-a-kind disc will travel with the deceased pets' remains throughout the process and will be returned with the cremated remains.

6.         Our pet cremation fees are among the lowest in the area and there are never any hidden costs.

7.         Our staff and services are available 24 hours a day.  No answering machine or voice mails with Tacoma Pet Crematory.

8.         For clients choosing individual cremation, you will receive all of the recoverable ashes returned to you in the urn of your choosing.

9.         For clients choosing communal cremation, you will be comforted knowing the ashes won't be dumped in a field or sold to a farmer as fertilizer but scattered in a dignified manner on the waters of the Puget Sound.

10.       Count on us to help you through a most difficult time - something families have been experiencing since 1909.


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