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Tacoma Pet Crematory offers a variety of services to meet your needs.  Each service is performed with the compassion and dignity your beloved pet deserves.

With each service provided, our professional driver will transport your pet directly from the veterinary hospital to our facility.

Individual Cremation

If an individual cremation is chosen, your pet will be with a unique identification disk that remains with your pet throughout the entire cremation process.  Your pet's cremated remains (otherwise called ashes) will then be placed in the container or urn of your choice, along with the identification disk.

Golden Remembrance Service

The Golden Remembrance Service is available to those pet owners choosing the Individual Cremation service. Your beloved pet's cremated remains (otherwise called ashes) are placed in a hand made wooden urn. A personalized brass engraved nameplate and certificate of cremation are placed in a drawstring pouch along with the wooden urn. We then transport your pet’s cremated remains back to your veterinary hospital.

Standard Service

Your beloved pet's cremated remains (otherwise called ashes) are returned in our floral tin container, and returned to your veterinary hospital.

Communal Cremation

If a Communal Cremation is chosen, your pet is cremated in a group setting with other pets. The cremated remains (otherwise called ashes) are not returned but are scattered in the waters of the Puget Sound.  This service is only available through your veterinarian, not through our office directly.


If a Burial is chosen, we can help you arrange an individual burial on your property or at two local pet cemeteries. Burial plots and head stones include a large variety of options.  We can help provide researched cost and service options to ensure your needs are being met.

A Lasting Impression

Tacoma Pet Crematory is now offering a new service for those pet owners interested in having a lasting memory of their pet.

Prior to the cremation process, we can now make an impression of your pet's paw. This polymer clay impression will provide an eternal memory of your beloved pet.


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